On november 20 LIFE AGROLCA_manager working team met in the center that NEIKER has in Derio. Amaia Garrastazu and Amaia Igarzabal from IKT, Francisco Campo, Gorka Benito and Rubén Carnerero from IK Ingeniería,  Ana Aizpurua,Gerardo Besga, Olatz Unamunzaga and Oscar del Hierro from Neiker, as well as Juan Carlos Alonso, Julio Rodrigo  from SIMPPLE and Igor Idareta (ZABALA) took part in this meeting.

Among others, the following topics were discussed:

  1. Project general approach. Review.
  2. Review of actions. Responsabilities. Budget.
  3. Review of the financial and administrative management of the project.
  4. Approach of the first activities and possible working plan.
  5. LCAManager  program presentation.

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