The Basque television ETB has issued in its program SUSTRAIA this past December 24 and 25 a report on theEuropean project  “AGROLCA manager”.  An initiative which aim is to develop software for sustainable environmental management in enterprises of agricultural sectors, such as viticulture and horticulture. The project is led by the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development Neiker-Tecnalia, and engineering firms and IK IKT.

Promoted by the pEuropean programe for the protection of the environment LIFE+, the purpose of the application is to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises, especially in the fields of viticulture and horticulture, promoting the sustainability of the resources used. The methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) integrates the environment in economic activity and promotes a friendly production environment, and its development aid to obtaining consumer ecolabels which guarantee the product’s environmental conditions.

Given the increasingly stringent demands for quality and environmental friendliness demanded by consumers, the manager AGROLCA tool can become an essential support tool for the fulfillment of customer requirements.

 In addition to collecting the perspective of project managers, SUSTRAIA will visit Muxika (Bizkaia) – specifically the Itsasmendi winery  one of our partner companies in which the piloting of the tool “AGROLCAmanager” is being developed to meet the environmental problems that a winery of this characteristics has to cope with and usefulness of the tool.



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