AGROLCA-Manager project was presented at the Annual Conference of the Beet Sectoral Plan held on 17 and 19 December 2013 in Alegria and Lantarón with a total attendance of 263 beet breeders. The Beet Sugar Sector Plan   is a project of the Provincial Council of Alava and the Basque Government with NEIKER, which is directed to  beet sugar growers of Alava, to get:

• Increase crop competitiveness with cost reduction and increasing yield.

• Establish the necessary tools (ad networks, fertilizer recommendations, calibration of equipment) to improve farming techniques.

• Involve the collective and cooperative  beet sugar industry and technical services.

• Adap farming systems to the Integrated Production Regulations. “

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At this first meeting,  a general approach of ...

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The fight against climate change in the sector


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