1. A new methodology based on the techniques of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to ensure the reduction of environmental impacts associated with food production and processing in the primary sector.
    2. An eco-innovation tool that can be used by companies in the agricultural sector to meet business objectives (development of eco-labels, carbon footprint) by combining environmental, economic and social features.
    3. A software tool demo level that meets the specifications developed in the project will be available through the Web.
    4. A strong impact of dissemination and communication activities in the “stakeholders” of the project at regional, national and European level: visibility of the project and knowledge transfer: promotional material: bulletin boards, executive summaries, brochures and factsheets, press campaign releases, presentations (seminars, workshops, etc.).
    5. The carrying out  of the project, with its life-cycle approach and the collection of social and economic aspects of the primary sector, will achieve a sustainable use of natural resources by reducing the environmental impact linked to the activities carried out in the  agriculture and agrifood field.

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