The agri-food industry is aware of the need to substantially improve their production systems from a viewpoint of effective utilization of resources, and from the potential environmental impact generated by these intensive systems in the environment.

The methodology of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a suitable tool for assessing the environmental impacts associated with agricultural production systems. However, currently there are limitations on the use of LCA in agriculture, constraints that must be overcome if we want the food businesses to use this instrument in an accurate and effective way.

 Our objetives in LIFE + AGROLCA_manager project taget:

  •  Supporting Agrifood businesses, especially SMEs, to become more sustainable by managing the main environmental impacts associated to the use of resources and waste generation while minimizing environmental impact throughout Life Cycle of products.
  • This will be achieved by providing companies with a software tool adapted to the calculation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the Agrifood industry, which has a strong emphasis on processes associated with Best Available Techniques.

Project length: 01/09/2011- 30/06/2014

 Main activities:

  • Develop knowledge on management, production and processing practices and sustainable use of natural resources and waste, improving the environmental performance of products and production models, by applying techniques of LCA.
  • Adapt, improve and adjust a proven software application in other sectors (LCA Manager) to the specific requirements of the agricultural sector (including legal and market conditions, taking into account the size of companies in the sector, etc.).
  • Finding the right balance between ease of use of the tool in the industry and the accuracy and usefulness of the data required for its use (both for the management of environmental impacts and to eco-labeling)
  • To validate the implementation of the tool in the wine sector and in agriculture sector (horticulture and sugar beet)
  • Advising the civil service on the review of the measures of the Rural Development Plans, which can integrate prevention and environmental management in agriculture.
  • Spread results at regional, national and international levels.


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